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Photo Competitions & Contests 2019 ~ 2020

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All photography contests are ordered by closing date - apart from the three 'photographer of the year' competitions (WPOTY, TPOTY & GPOTY) listed at the bottom of this page.

Artists' Bill of Rights

As a keen amateur photographer, who on occasion sells or licenses imagery and photographs for profit, it saddens me to see more and more rights been stripped from photographers and other artists without their knowledge or consent. Most, if not all, other Photo Competition Websites do not review listings. I do.

Copyright and licensing exclusions written into the small print of the rules of many competitions often reveals that the competition is merely an excuse for many companies to find a easy way to source professional quality photography for next-to-nothing. This only abuses the rights of individuals while making profits for large organisations. This is nothing more than greed. Competition organisers can charge for entry to their contests, offer large prizes, and still make a very tidy profit.

I am pleased therefore to note the promotion of the Artists' Bill of Rights, and will do all I can to support them. If you notice a competition listed here which does not comply with this Bill of Rights, please notify me and, once confirmed, it shall be removed.

Bill of Rights for Photography Competitions

Read the rules!

Please do read the competition rules/terms and conditions on the organisers Website when entering any competition, as your rights may be restricted as regards reproduction, licensing, copyright, etc. I have no affiliations with any of the organisations listed here, and bear no responsibility for either errors or omissions nor for any contract between you and any company or organisation listed here. Have fun and Good Luck!

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Currently open contests

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Popular Annual Competitions

Travel Photographer of the Year

travel Photographer of the Year 2009

International Garden Photographer of the Year

International Garden Photographer of the Year

Wanderlust Travel Photo Of The Year Competition

Wanderlust travel magazine

Information for Photo Competition organisers

Do you want your photo competition to appear on this page? There is now only one way! Please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Artists' Bill of Rights Website, read their instructions, and adhere to their guidelines for listing. For your convenience, they have a sample page of terms and conditions (click on the 'Sample T&Cs' tab).
  2. Once your competiton is set up, apply for a listing on their Web site.
  3. Once you are listed on their site, contact me, Mentioning that you are listed on the RIGHTS ON list, and I will list your competition on this page.

Please note that although extremely popular, these photo competiton pages remain part of a personal Website. I can no longer guarantee to list photography competitions or contests from the UK or any other part of the world for competition organisers unless they have followed the above guidelines.

Positive PR

Create positive PR for your organisation and its brands. Read how in this free PDF download. Many organisations now support the Artists' Bill of Rights, including the World Photography Organisation (organiser of the World Photography Awards - proudly sponsored by Sony), Travel Photographer of the Year Ltd., PlanetNikon, International Garden Photographer of the Year, and so on. The list grows greater daily.

If you have a competition listed here that you would like to be removed, then please contact me.

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