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Photographers Wanted | Photo Contests 2018 ~ 2019

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Photographers Wanted

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Photographers Wanted is an organisation proudly supporting both emerging and professional photographers from around the world, with our focus on finding talent, and showcasing their work.

Not only are we looking to offer photographers the merit they deserve by bestowing awards on the three selected winners, but we are also giving a cash injection to each of these photographers to spend where they see fit. Be it on new kit, or using it to help set up their business, putting it towards furthering their career, or spending it on celebrating.

Photographers Wanted additionally offers a great opportunity to gain exposure and recognition for your work within the online exhibition here at This is where the three prize winners will have their work put on show for the world to see, and if you are one of the finalists, you will also have your photos published in the exhibition.

Categories: There is no theme, it is open to entries of all genres, be they colour or black & white, either is fine so just go ahead and submit your best work.

Entry eligibility: There are no restrictions except for an age limit, you must be over the age of 18. We accept entries from emerging and professional photographers from all countries.

Prize(s): We are giving away $1,000 The winner will receive $700 Cash, the 2nd place winner will receive $200 cash, and the 3rd place winner will receive $100 Cash. The finalist will gain exposure in the website exhibition of the works submitted.

Entry fee: $10 for 1 photo – $20 for 2 photos – $25 for 3 photos

Your Rights: We operate fair usage rights and only use the photos that either win or are finalists. The photos are used for the purpose of the awards itself (Displayed on and possibly used in marketing of the awards. Full T&Cs

Full Photo competition rules

Photo competition organisers Website and further details

Closing date: 2012-09-30

Artists' Bill of Rights

I am pleased to support the promotion of the Artists' Bill of Rights. If you notice a competition listed here which does not comply with this Bill of Rights, please notify me and, once confirmed, it shall be removed.

Bill of Rights for Photography Competitions


Read the rules!

Please do read the competition rules/terms and conditions on the organisers Website when entering any competition, as your rights may be restricted as regards reproduction, licensing, copyright, etc. I have no affiliations with any of the organisations listed here, and bear no responsibility for either errors or omissions nor for any contract between you and any company or organisation listed here. Have fun and Good Luck!

Information for Photo Competition organisers

Do you want your photo competition to appear on this page? There is now only one way! Please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Artists' Bill of Rights Website, read their instructions, and adhere to their guidelines for listing. For your convenience, they have a sample page of terms and conditions (click on the 'Sample T&Cs' tab).
  2. Once your competiton is set up, apply for a listing on their Web site.
  3. Once you are listed on their site, contact me, Mentioning that you are listed on the RIGHTS ON list, and I will list your competition on this page.

Please note that although extremely popular, these photo competiton pages remain part of a personal Website. I can no longer guarantee to list photography competitions or contests from the UK or any other part of the world for competition organisers unless they have followed the above guidelines.

Positive PR

Create positive PR for your organisation and its brands. Read how in this free PDF download. Many organisations now support the Artists' Bill of Rights, including the World Photography Organisation (organiser of the World Photography Awards - proudly sponsored by Sony), Travel Photographer of the Year Ltd., PlanetNikon, International Garden Photographer of the Year, and so on. The list grows greater daily.

If you have a competition listed here that you would like to be removed, then please contact me.

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